Finding The Perfect Accessories For The Oriental Decorating Style

By Lee Dobbins

To give your Oriental decorating style that designer ambience, you want to use the right decorative accessories. For the feel of the Orient, you want to use exotic and colorful decorative items that have an Oriental influenced ambience. Adding decorative accessories such as wall art, knick-knacks and pillows can help compliment your Oriental style design.

In order to get your wall art to make a good impression you have got to understand the right way to hang it. You wish the middle of the wall art to be at eye level. When hanging many items in a group, it’s a great idea to figure out the placement first by working with them on the floor and moving them around until you achieve that final look. To pull together your Oriental decorating style, try hanging Oriental silk embroidery in lacquered frames.

Additional pieces that can help add interest to the feel of the Orient include Oriental room dividers, potted plants, and a waterfall bowl. Shop for accessories which use a common theme that coordinates with your room design. If you purchase pieces to widely, then you might end up confusing the look you are endeavoring to accomplish.

When looking for knick knacks for your interior design be sure to find ones which compliment your design style and also reflect your personal style. To augment your Oriental decor, make sure you buy pieces that have an exotic and colorful look. Using Imari vases with a single flower or making use of a lotus blossom in a flower bowl. This is where you can really make the home design your own by acquiring decorative pieces that mirror your unique style. Try shopping at thrift stores or yard sales for those alluring items that won’t cost a lot.

To add softness in addition to compliment your decor, decorative pillows can be a charming choice. If you had the notion that pillows were strictly for the bedroom, think again, they can put a beautiful touch to any room including the den, kitchen and bathroom. Pillows are smart for those who don’t have a lot to spend as adding them to your existing living room furniture should help give it an Oriental decor look without having to purchase new items. Putting decorative pillows piled at the head of your bed can serve to add a pleasant professional look. Pillows can be enjoyed in the kitchen or bath, think about displaying them in chairs, on the hamper or on shelves. Decorating with pillows that have watercolor on silk will help add interest and drama.

Displaying oriental folding screens and lacquered items can add an appealing look to your Oriental decorating style. It’s key, however, that you have a good idea of the styles of pieces you want so you can stick to purchasing just those which suit. When decorating with accessories, proportion is critical so be sure you stick with items in the sizes you need. Shop for your accessories carefully and your design theme is certain to look wonderful!

Lee Dobbins writes for Home Improvement Solution where you can get more tips on how to get a great look using Oriental Decorating Style.